You were born for such a time as this…

About Me

Hi….my name is Sara…and I am a visual learner. Sounds like something out of a therapy group, right?

In a world of scholars, educators and degrees I have floundered. I was not a good student. Note taking was a huge distraction for me and the worst part was that I could not retain most of what I heard.

I was an art education major in college which was a little more comfortable for me. I loved weaving and textile design and art education classes. So, while I discovered that I was in over my head in the drawing and painting arts, I excelled at working with children and sharing my love of art with them.

I met my best friend and soul mate in our senior year of high school. While I was taking art classes, he was studying to became a chemical engineer. During our junior year of college I happily promised to share life with him, which meant putting my college career on hold to become a wife. We later had 2 children and have been very blessed in our life together.  We now have 3 fabulous grandchild and a great son-in-law added to our family. We have always been active in a worshiping community and a few years ago, my husband became an ordained Pastor!

My spiritual journey through Bible study was still challenging  for me. I dutifully attended studies and  tried my hardest to focus on the task at hand. My mind would wander and I seriously started to believe that I just wasn’t very smart. I watched scholars and academic types take volumes of notes or write multiple paragraphs to answer just one study question. That was so intimidating to me! To my surprise, I began to meet people who had the same problems learning  as I was having!  Most people I knew who had these struggles would just drop out of the study out of frustration. I would persevere, always wanting  to learn more because I love Jesus with all my heart! Through worship and song I feel so connected to Him!

Fast forward to the present. A few years ago, my daughter showed me her journaling Bible. She was surprised that I had not seen one and that I had no knowledge of Bible Art Journaling. She gave me a Christmas gift of an ESV single column journaling Bible that year and I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to finally discover a way to learn scripture and internalize it into my heart. I began to share this idea with others and experienced their joy  of learning scripture in a new way, over and over again.

For Such a Time as This was created as a resource and to form a supportive community to share Bible Art Journaling (BAJ) with anyone unsure and intimidated by the “perfectness” of the journaling  world. As I mentioned before, drawing skills aren’t in my wheel house either. With artists sharing beautiful and perfect images of their “pages”  it can be so daunting to attempt BAJ at all. Let me assure you that you do not have to have drawing skills or any skills for that matter! This journey is not about the art, it is about what you are learning in God’s word from a visual perspective. I look forward to sharing Bible Art Journaling with you, through all my successes and failures.

This will be a realistic journey, not a perfect passage into learning Scripture and internalizing it into your heart. I’m excited and honored that you are interested in traveling with me as we navigate this thing called Bible Art Journaling.