You were born for such a time as this…

I Can Do All Things in Him who Strengthens Me

Last summer we took a few days to vacation near Breckenridge, Colorado. The beauty of the rocky mountains was breathtaking. In the town there are lots of shops to poke around in. An array of locally made gifts and some from other places make it a really interesting place to spend some down time. Restaurants abound with gourmet choices like buffalo meatloaf and elk steak and of course a huge selection of ice cream shops. I love tourist towns!

However, the real reason to go to that part of the world is the hiking. The hikes we went on were a bit of a challenge for me at high altitude, but very doable. The views from the top of our destination…breathtaking (and worth it)!

Then came Zip lining! Calling it a challenge is putting it mildly…Oh.My.Word! We signed up to go and I had made up my mind that I would “try.” We arrived at the starting point at our designated time and immediately signed waivers…yikes! Next, I strapped on a big harness and found a helmet to fit…getting a little nervous now…

After our group was all geared up, we climbed in a really old jeep like vehicle, which looking back now, was probably more dangerous than the zip line! A very bumpy ride up the mountain brought us to the first zip line. If you have ever done this, you are probably thinking…Sara, NO BIG DEAL! But it was to me. I stood and watched others get hooked on to the line, sail off the platform and glide to the end. Some hotshots even turned upside down while in mid air! Yikes!

Then it was my turn…and to just shorten this up a bit…I did it! AND IT WAS FUN!

There were 6 zip lines on this course and I did them all. My favorite was a tandem line that my husband and I did together.

But wait, it’s not over yet….

Just when I thought we were done, we came to station #7. As I approached the area, I saw a cliff with a large apparatus next to it. Hmmmm…OH MY…I have to jump off the cliff? NO .WAY.

Now, I could tell you what was going through my mind right then, but I think I will skip that detail. I was terrified! I absolutely was NOT going to jump off that cliff! Then, I watched everyone else do it…thinking of what I used to say to my kids. “If everyone else jumps off a cliff does that mean you have to do it?”(Hahaha…what comes around goes around!) I succumbed to peer pressure because I did not want to be the ONLY one walking the long way back to the jeep!

My turn…I walked out of the gate trying not to look down. Our young college aged guide coaxed me out to the edge of the cliff, trying to reassure me that it would be OK.” It’s easy”,… he said. He should have made double wages that day…because it took him ALOT of time to just get me to the edge.  Finally, I was able to step off and slide to the bottom! I did it! Not so bad after all…(and I’m SURE I saw that nice young college boy roll his eyes)

Back then I thought God was just teaching me to be brave. Conquering this boosted my confidence so much that I felt like I could accomplish anything because I had overcome my fears! The rest of that day I walked around saying “I can do anything…I jumped off a cliff today!” What I did not know at the time was that more challenges would come my way in the future. Unknown things, hard things, God ordained things, but challenging none the less. It has brought to my mind this familiar verse.

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 (ESV)

No matter what challenges God allows to come into our lives, and let’s face it… life is a huge challenge, God is there to strengthen us. He is there to forgive us, to pick us up when we fail on our own and to carry us through it all. God is so good!No matter what challenges God allows to come into our lives, God is there to strengthen us.… Click To Tweet

I did this page by a tracing a picture of Jesus and Rosie the Riveter together, to look like Jesus has his arms around Rosie. I copied the outline and drew in details of myself instead of Rosie. I used colored pencils to draw and letter in my Bible.

I have realized by doing this blog that the instruction part of Bible Art Journaling is not easy! I tend to get involved in my art and later could not tell you how I did it! There are an amazing amount of YouTube videos that are a thousand times better at explaining a technique than I am. Just Google “watercolor videos” or drawing or whatever you want to learn. You will be amazed!

I encourage you to branch out and learn a new technique. Practice first before you do something new in your Bible.

Let me know how it goes!

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