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Turn On The Light!

Turn On The Light!

Almost every night I get out of bed and maneuver my way through the dark, not wanting to disturb anyone and trying to be as quiet as possible. Ha! I invariably bang into a wall or door or stub my toe, making enough noise to wake the dead! Does that ever happen to you? How simple would it be if we just used the flashlight on our phone, or kept a small flashlight by the bed for times like this? That would be to easy, right?

In Psalm 119:105 we read these words,  “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. “(ESV)

This verse speaks to me in the same way. God’s Word, Scripture, is the light in the darkness of our lives. Through His word, He guides us through life, shining the light on our path constantly…if we are watching and listening! How often do I try to solve a problem by myself?  Thinking I don’t need help from anyone, including God, then crash into a wall. Do you do that too?

God’s Word truly is that light to our path. Life is so much easier for me when I open the Word, listen and learn what God is trying to teach me, slowing down, journaling a verse and opening my mind to what He is saying. He is there to walk the path beside me and to guide and teach along the way. I know that is true for me.

This week,  instead of rushing to finish your morning devotion and checking it off your to do list, take your time, slow down and let His light shine on your path.

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This journal page is a fairly quick and simple one as there is no need to prep the page. Here are the steps:

  1. Locate Psalm 119:105 in your journaling Bible. Read it slowly a couple of times or read it out loud. Reflect on the verse and what God is showing you through it.
  2. Find a lamp image on Google images or draw your own. When I find something I like from Google Images, I right click on it and select “save image as.” Save  it to a folder where you can find it later. Open up photoshop or other photo software and import the image. Size it to fit your page or margins. Print a copy.
  3. Using Graphite Paper (you may remember it as carbon paper) cut a piece to fit behind your design. I bought graphite paper at Hobby Lobby, near where the drawing supplies are.
  4. Place the graphite paper shiny side down on your page where you want your design to be . Place your design over the graphite paper and trace the lines with a pencil.
  5. Color your design with colored pencils. I underlined the verse and also wrote it out by the lamp in my own handwriting. I used a black Sharpie no bleed marker for that.
  6. Sign and date your page.

I hope this devotion reminds you of your love of the Scripture and how it can help to guide your path. I think sometimes (daily?) we need to turn on the light instead of feeling our way in the dark!

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