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It Is Well With My Soul

I see this sign above my pantry door every day. Most of the time it is a true statement but lately, it really hasn’t felt all that well with my soul. I try to remind myself of God’s promise that if I be still, I will know that HE is God and that I am His precious daughter. I know this in my head, but my heart isn’t getting the message. I know I have written way to much about moving lately and I know I need to let it go, but really…moving is HARD!

I am trying to get past missing our former church and friends. Oh, how I miss familiar faces every Sunday morning and friends to call during the week for a quick lunch or coffee. I am happy to report that with time it is getting easier to move on. Making new friends is daunting, but fun at the same time. Remembering names…that is a whole other story!

Not surprisingly, my favorite song is “It Is Well With My Soul.” Sometimes titled “Peace Like a River.” This song is so soothing to me. The recording by Bethel Music is my favorite version.  I even have this song as the ringtone on my phone. I never tire of hearing it. Sometimes, I even let my phone ring so I can hear more of the song!

The story behind this song is powerful and the circumstances are a lot more extreme than just moving across the country. It is the story of Horatio G. Spafford, a businessman from Chicago. His life was marked with tragedy but Horatio and his wife Anna persevered . In 1873, the family boarded the French ocean liner Ville du Havre going to Europe. Mrs. Spafford and her 4 daughters were on board. Horatio stayed behind to resolve some business problems. He planned to join the family in Europe at a later date.

Four days into the trip the Ville du Harve collided with a Scottish ship named the Loch Eam. Anna tried to protect her four daughters, praying God would spare them if it be His will or to make them willing to endure whatever awaited them. Within 12 hours the Ville du Havre sunk, carrying with it 226 passengers including the 4 children. Anna was rescued.

When she was able, she sent her husband a telegram that said “Saved alone, what shall I do?”

Horatio boarded the next ship and went to be with his wife. About 4 days into the voyage, the captain called Mr. Spafford into his cabin and told him they were in the exact same place that his daughters died. This is reportedly where he penned the words of “It Is Well With My Soul”


When peace like a river attendeth my way,

When sorrows like sea billows roll,

Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say,

It is well, it is well with my soul.

Psalm 46:10


For this journal entry I chose Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God.” I know that during trials of all kinds, God is there with me. He is in control and it is indeed well with my soul. Here are the steps for this page;

  • I first treated the page with gesso and let it dry.
  • Next , I painted a light background of pale blue watercolor.
  • I then stenciled the sunray lightly using my sunray template and distress stamp ink scattered straw.
  • Here’s where you get to create…find a drawing or photo of ocean waves breaking or just make it up yourself. I used a photo to inspire me. I painted waves with several different shades of blue to get the effect I wanted.
  • Next, I added white accents to look like the foam on the waves. I did some white spatter as well. I used white water color in tube form.
  • When this was completely dry, I lettered the lyrics of the song.
  • Be sure to sign and date your page!
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6 thoughts on “It Is Well With My Soul

  1. Karon

    I knew you put a lot of techniques into this one. I tried Gesso again wasn’t happy with it. I just need to keep trying.

  2. Kathy Tripcony

    Your writing and your artistry are to be admired. I loved the story of Horatio Spafford. I needed to hear those words today…I haven’t been through a move like yours today, Sara, but my soul has been moved by circumstances. I need to rest my soul in Him. I miss you & Gerry, but I hope you are finding some wonderful friends there and in your church. You’ll always have a special place in my heart! Love, Kathy Tripcony

    1. sara Post author

      Oh thank you dear Kathy! We are doing fine now and plans for the new church are going well. It is called Fortress….Sharing Refuge in God is our tag line.
      Thanks for your comments…you know you were my first friend at Redeemer! What memories!!!

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