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A few  weeks ago my husband, a friend and I were in a pretty awful car accident. Praise God for watching over us and that no one was seriously hurt! I felt pretty good about only having a few bruises and scrapes…just a nagging pain in my left rib. So I just ignored it and figured it would go away in time. In typical me fashion, I kept on going and doing as usual, not taking time to just rest and let my body heal and as a result it is taking some time to heal!

You’re probably wondering how this relates to Bible Art Journaling. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have a hard time just sitting down and spending time with the Lord. My  mind wanders, thinking of all the things I need to do. All of my busyness takes over my mind, preventing me from resting in God’s presence and letting his perfect peace and healing wash over me.

I know in my heart that if I lose focus on Him, and think that I can just do this thing called life all by myself with no help needed…that it will all be ok, right? Wrong!

So, my devotion today brought me to this verse….Psalm 105:4 says; Seek the Lord and His strength, seek his presence continually. What a difference it makes for me to focus on Him and His strength! I can rest, both physically and mentally in the knowledge that I don’t have to do it all by myself!

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Sometimes, when I study a particular verse there is no visual element to illustrate in my Bible or devotion book. That’s when I turn to colors, patterns and lettering. I try to keep it simple, which is easier said than done. It is easy to get carried away with my designs and hard to know when to stop!

As I was preparing my Bible page today, I was determined to just paint and letter in the margins. I painted. It was so beautiful I just had to paint the whole page! Somewhere in my art education, I was taught to “fill the page.” So, I guess I have to, right?

Here are the steps for this page:

  1. Put protection behind your page. Wax paper works well.
  2. Prep the page with clear Gesso. There are different kinds of gesso, some are gritty, some are smooth. I prefer the Liquitex Clear Gesso, it is gritty, but I like the texture it gives. Spread a thin layer on the area you want to journal. You can use your fingers or a paint brush.
  3. Let dry thoroughly. You can use a hairdryer to speed up the process if you like.
  4. Paint your background with watercolor. Use the water sparingly as you do not want to soak the page.
  5. Let dry thoroughly.
  6. Plan out your lettering for the margin space. I will often do this on the computer and then print it out in black bold print.
  7. Place your printed lettering under your page and trace with a pencil. I like hard lead pencils as they don’t smudge…look for a 4H. Here’s a tip…use the flashlight on your phone under your page as a light box. This is very helpful as you trace your letters.
  8. I used a Faber Castell PITT artist pen (size S) on this page to color in my letters. If the tip gets gummed up, dab it with a tissue to clean it off.
  9. Washi tape works as a nice border.
  10. If you want more “texture” on your page, once again cover opposite page and under current page with waxed paper. Dilute some black water color paint by adding a few drops of water. Wet a round watercolor brush with a small amount of water, dip into the black paint and tap the brush on the back of your hand, spattering drops of paint onto the page. Practice on another piece of paper first if you like!
  11. Let dry thoroughly before you close your Bible!

It feels so good to just jump in and try your hand at Bible Art Journaling. Your page may not turn out as perfectly as you had in mind, but remember to reflect on what the passage is about. What is God teaching you today?


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