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Bible Art Journaling?

So what is this Bible Art Journaling (BAJ) everyone is talking about? I get that question a lot, and I swallow hard every time I try to answer it. The conversation usually goes something like this:
Friend: What is Bible Art Journaling?

Me: A creative process of making ART in your Bible as a way to connect and learn from God’s Word.

Friend: Whaaaaat? You color and paint in your Bible? That’s terrible! I just COULDN’T do that to a Bible!

Me: (deep breath) Well, here is why I love this process: I am a visual learner and by that I mean that conventional  studying just doesn’t work for me. If I try to take notes I am distracted with trying to keep up with the speaker, then look at my notes later and I will not remember what I was writing about most of the time. So, I have never been a stellar student as a result. I love Bible study, but it is a challenge for me to concentrate on the material. As silly as it seems, I learn visually, looking at pictures. Fred R. Barnard said in March 1927 that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” That is definitely true for me and the way I learn.

The process of BAJ for me begins with a daily devotion, or sometimes a scripture or visual from a sermon. Even song lyrics can inspire a journal entry. Being inspired by a passage in a devotion often takes form in an image to illustrate that passage. Sometimes it just becomes a pretty background with lettering. Other days it is simply lettering in the Bible margins or highlighting the actual passage.

The result…for me, is a deeper level of LEARNING AND INTERNALIZING the verse or concept than I have ever before achieved! AND  REMEMBERING! I love to go back to my Bible and look through the pages. I can tell you what I was feeling, thinking and learning on each one, no matter when it was done.

So this is why I am so in love with Bible Art Journaling. It has helped me connect with God in a deeper way and to hear His voice through His word. Maybe you think it’s not for you…but stay with me on this journey and you might just get hooked!

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